August 13, 2011
By bjmcrank GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
bjmcrank GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
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I can't stand, siting here doing absolutely nothing. When there's so much that can be done. Alot of people take what they have for granted. I'm thankful for the little things i have, my friends, my family, my anI'mals. I'm thankful for my garden, my piano, my voice, The tI'me i had with my mother before she passed a few years back, and the tI'me i still have with those i hold dear, the clothes i have on my back and the shoes on my feet. I would love being in dance, music, or basketball classes, but I'm not. So, how do i spend my days you ask? I practice dance with no teacher, I sing with no lesson, I play with no coach and I'm proud of it all. I will work my hardest to do the things I love. I will practice daily, I will not change. I am thankful for what i have. Am i perfect? heck no I'm far from it! Am i the best? no, but I'm me, and I'm the best me there is. Am I'm happy with what i have? yes i am and i wouldn't change it for the world. I thank god everyday for the little things that make life worth it all. I thank god for the mistakes and the lessons learned. Because with every mistake more knowledge and wisdom is gained.

The author's comments:
It's what i believe and how ive always felt. though i know there are others who feel diffrently. But this is just me. and thats all there is to it.

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