Boy Meets Girl

August 18, 2011
By , Evans, GA
This is the tale of two destined lovers.
Who could never be together in harmony.
Without losing faith, they pursued their endeavours.
On the path of running away happily.

They vowed to be faithful through the years.
But the boy found it hard for that to be.
So girl leaves him with a broken heart.
And seeks comfort in her family.

Girl moves away and meets a "man".
Who fulfills her every wish and need.
After a while he took her hand.
Without the knowledge of her "weeds".

Boy seeks girl from land to land.
And reunite with a hug and a kiss.
Without knowing she has given her hand.
The man greets him with a heavy fist.

Boy lies there with no signs of life.
Girl holds his hand within hers.
Man kills girl - "You're suppose to be my wife!".
And they both died happily ever after.

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