This Game Called Life.

August 18, 2011
By taybaker BRONZE, Milpitas, California
taybaker BRONZE, Milpitas, California
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Why did I sign up for this game called life?
Thought it would be easy; didn’t turn out so right.
I know I didn’t sign up for all these problems.
Now I’m struggling to the next level to solve them.
I didn’t know this game would be so confusing.
I didn’t know I’d come across things that would use me.
I didn’t know that easy times turned into hard times fast.
I didn’t know that things reflected on my past.
I didn’t know this game would hurt me.
I didn’t know if the next level I wanted to see.
I know this game is hard; everyone’s not going to get it.
But somehow everyone’s going to get through it.
So don’t struggle to hard on this game.
Whatever happens just know that you’re going to get around some way.

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