Are love

August 18, 2011
It was a bright and sunny

I was the luckiest bastard alive.

The day you became mine.

I know it's simple poetry but lyrics can not describe

let my put this simple without you I'd flat line.

I thank the day you gave me a chance.

both are lives were pouring rain. with a chance

of suicide. when I'm with you the sun shine

because love is like a rainbow

so beautiful but can't be caught

you must have your world flipped so fall into the rainbow

not catch it

I'd give the pot a gold.

I'd rather be shot cold

then be forever alone

in this room alone

are love is sinful but magical

we know hell we've there and back

I was alone and you were on the verge

I'd rather be struck by lighting burnt to a crisp

no electromatic shock compares when we kiss

and it's you I miss, you I dream

I'm not afraid to let go cut the seem show the true me

because baby we are one bad-a** rainbow and

I sure hell aren't letting go then it rain, snow

hail. I'm one lucky bastard because lighting never strikes twice in the same place

I am brought back one sunny day to no that I will always have you no matter how hard it rains


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