From the Void

August 18, 2011
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Scars etched across the inside of the mind’s eye distort our perceptions on this world.
It all looks blurred and tan from the inside of this bag.
And in that flash of heightened consciousness, I freeze.
Life does not flash before my eyes.
Just the stark embrace of the cold unfeeling.
Staring back into the arms of the infinite cosmos stretching out for me, I pull away.
Is this it?
Is the journey over?
What exactly did I become through all of this?
I left, nothing more than the wretched husk resembling the me of memories of days that didn’t feel so hollow.
I left that day.
I left, wondering if it was life’s obligation to offer anything at all.
We stop to think what we as people have to offer each other. What life has to offer.
I left that day, wondering if it was MY obligation to offer something the entire time.

What did I have left to offer myself?
I left that day, leaving the tan and hazy world beneath the bag behind, and while, even today, my eyes still adjust to the bright lights scattered through the wild mass of infinity before me, I know…

Maybe this was all I needed to begin with.

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