August 17, 2011
You know, its funny when we ask God why we die, but the ones who truly know shake their heads at the sky

we kill ourselves, thats the answer, but i'm not talking about that painful death of cancer

Its racism, prejudice, you know that thrilling hate

color wars to whom everyone can relate

his skin ain't yo skin so you shoot it down, next thing you know living souls not found

monkey see, monkey do. they say some Hispanics are kinda tan so do ya'll hate them too?

No, no, no! forget about the color because Dr. King said we are all sisters and brothers.

what happened to the unity? Ain't we all we got?

you say no, well why? because yo sister's brother's little cousin got shot?

I thought Dr, King said it wasn't that deep, but now since he died everybody got they heat

this is crazy!

you hate me because of what you see, but see I hate you cause you let your pride get through

I thought the feeling of life was kinda mellow, but now it's burning through my skin like a lit cigarillo.


Ya'll kill me with all that

"His skin ain't my skin so he ain't better than me."

so the other side retaliates and says, "well, let's fight it out to see which one of the yellows, blacks, or whites will win victory"


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