August 17, 2011
What some people describe as the summer time, others describe it as a fatal fire

Temperatures rise, flowers bloom

cute little bikinis with the open swimming pools

Just lovin' summer time and having innocent fun while block boys keep their holsters to accompany their guns

Steady standing on that slightly crooked corner, sun beaming down on their heads

Not knowing in the next 24 hours if they'll be alive or dead

This is the part of summer time that I call the fatal fire

Death rate increase to the devils desire

Making young boys say the have a gun for their protection, but in reality they are causing the most deadliest of infection

What wrong with our society? Dont we pay any attention?

Come on, 1 dead and 2 found awaiting critical condition

We did this to ourselves,

who else can we blame other than the Italian gangsters that can put you youngsters to shame

Yall pull out yall guns and say "let the games begin"

Then a child of God dies again

And again..

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