My Birthday Wish

August 17, 2011
As I look outside my window, for I see nothing but coldhearted souls who walk the streets of the forgotten.

Stuck inside their own skin and use needles to pierce through, it hurts me as much as it kills them just to sit there and watch it.

They call us the land of the free so why cant we take advantage instead of sitting on out behind to influence the damage.

The government is such a mess but here's the truth within its best; the guns, you provide em', drug dealers, you try and bribe em' , but when a 5 year old dies from a bullet wound to the head you wonder "why?"

Snap back to reality and stop worrying about the end being near, save a life for once instead of conducting the fear.

This is my birthday wish that I would like to come true. I wish upon a star not for me but for you.

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