Your War

August 17, 2011
By strawberry_honey GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
strawberry_honey GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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Sometimes I feel like I can walk away with no regrets,

but life has a way of making people accept the things they didn't want to accept.

The things I've done I did because of you,

setting myself up for failure to make all our dreams come true and still no one cares about the pain I go through?

Time and time again I put on this mask trying to move forward while constantly reliving the past.

How could a teenage girl feel so old but look so new?, by walking in her shoes, his shoes, and your shoes too.

By living your life, their lives, aint that impossible to do?

I cry the tears of a fallen soldier, I may have lost the fight, but the war is not over.

Who is the world to call me a loser with no thought of this life as my steady abuser.

I scream for the love that my body adores, but yet I starve for the food that my body ignores, all because I'm trying to fight your war and you still can't see the pain I endure?


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