A Chill Through the Night

August 17, 2011
By Aaliyah Gibson BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Aaliyah Gibson BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The tip of the iceberg melts away
Into the blistering heat of the night,
floating upon darkened seas that I hide beneath.
Sharp breaths of air are united with my lungs as I finally resurface,
Connected to the human aspect remaining in my life.
I try to submerge myself,
To feel the coolness numb every emotion in my body.
but I am pulled forward,
constantly being forced to connect my lungs with air.
I peek through slitted eyes,
And am fulfilled with your piercing stare.
The lack of judgment reflected from your soul through your eyes
Is what makes me question myself.
I glance higher and notice the stars, rarely seen at night, but shining brightly for you.
You whisper sweet nothings into the passing breeze, and I strain to hear what you truly speak.
The feeling of your breath upon my face once again restores my lungs.
You reel in, pressing lips to my ear.
And I am ready for you to love me.
For you to care.
To see what those startling glances always meant.
A chill sweeps through my body as you speak clear as day.
With your lips upon my ear,
And your warm touch holding me in place, keeping me from escaping,
You whisper,
"It was never you"

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