My Greatest Failure

August 16, 2011
At the golden glimmer of Persephone’s season
I was robbed,
Robbed by time.

He shanked me.

He snatched, He beat me down,
With the crack of his fist
A blow to my head
He ran,
And fallen, the demons emerged
seeping through the cracks, materializing
And whispered: Lie Lie Lie
Shrieking: Paranoia!
Wailing: kill him. do it, do it now.

I saw only the decay
I saw only the blackened roots
of a crumbling rose
and could not feel
the glowing embers within the petals
I felt only the damage of last winter's frost and fire

My hands could not feel the warmth with the curse of Time
I could only feel with the lust of Aphrodite

I was alone on the Sidewalk
And stayed their for quite sometime
‘Til Time picked me up again
Four times
But one Demon stayed with me –
And took the place
Of what Time stole.

I prayed for Eunomia; she did not come back.

The demon took my eyes, my heart
And threw them down the garbage disposal
And I
did not notice

When I was sitting on the sidewalk
So Time whisked me up again
And took me where towers grow,
music booms, and romance snows

Then Time said its time to go, as I put on my secret A,
Took me by the scruff of my neck
And threw me down
into a van on its way to the fish-house
driven by the bird watching man
I stumbled into the waiting arms
of the one I had met before

Then Time had my parents take me away.
Time threw me
And then, decided to whack me with a frying pan.
The resonating crack it made was evident from
the emptyness of my skull
leeching sucking eating feeding demon
By autumns first breath


I stumbled, I tripped, and fell,
into the arms of a Lie Lie Lie

from the place where towers grow,
music booms, and romance snows

And that is when I slipped
into the pits

Burning Bright
Scorched by the scarlett fires
of my own muddled heap of a heart
Raging bursting ball of energy
of combusting

rain, rain, rain,
doused the fire, with the ocean
drowning, numbing, muttering
in a grey wet mottled mess
shivering, compulsing
at my brainlessness

Like the leaves that fell,
I am terrified of death.
Alone, I enter this winter; shivering
with a mummified rose; a simple reminder
of how


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