The day god makes me

August 16, 2011
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The day god makes me invincible,I would like to just go back in time and laugh at the ones that said it would never be my time,The day god makes me irresistible,I would like to just walk around naked and bathe in my jaw dropping greatness,The day god makes me charismatic,oh the day he makes me must see!, I would like to just speak to millions on the top of the worlds tallest mountain peak,and have every eye targeted on me like a predator trying to annihilate his prey,The day god makes me irreplaceable,I would like to just clone myself over and over again so that I'll have millions of me,so even when I die people still wouldn't be able to surpass the "champion of champions",the "queen of queens",I was blind but now I see god has made me ALL these things.

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