"Feather" (August 12, 2011)

August 15, 2011
By LaurenElise GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
LaurenElise GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Waiting for my stop
trying to make small talk just to fit in
Looking all around at the scenery
I'm gasping at the beauty of the atmosphere,

Wondering, "What if I hadn't made it last night?"
Weeping small tears only I can see
Regretting the choices I'd made

As a bird's feather rested on my lap.

The touch of the feather
Kissed my heart
Made me feel loved
Even by the simplest thing.

I know I won't fall forever
Because this feather was stopped by the comfort of my legs
She stopped before landing in the rocks below my feet
And I will remain to follow my feather.

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