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To Be Loved Is To Be The One Destroyed

August 15, 2011
By sapphiresnowx BRONZE, Lindsay, Other
sapphiresnowx BRONZE, Lindsay, Other
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Your words, your touch, brought life unto my silent heart,
Sending waves of pure love riveting through my veins.
Like the moon controls the tides, you drew me in
With your kindness, compassion and concern,
Drawing me nearer and nearer until I was yours.
Body and mind, heart and soul, I surrendered all to you.
I was yours to love and cherish, or to break and discard.
But, as the moon causes the tides to recede, you slowly broke me.
My heart was dented; my soul was torn because of your thoughtless, loveless words.
Every insult destroyed me more and more inside, until my heart was cleaved in two.
It shattered as you delivered verbal blow after blow, becoming a puzzle that I cannot solve alone.
You hold the missing pieces that can repair my broken heart.
You have the power to completely heal or destroy me.
My happiness lies in your hands, so what will you choose?

The author's comments:
This piece reflects how I felt while I was going through a rough patch in one of my relationships - when there was a lot of fighting and hurtful comments/actions.

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