A Mothers Love

August 15, 2011
By Anonymous

A mothers love should be the best

But drugs from a drug store put her love to the test

If u met this girls mom you would think she is swell

But you havent heard the stories i'm going to tell

I know from the pills or what she had to drink

Her child wouldnt be in the car if only she could think

This made her parents fight all night

As she laid in her room and cried in fright

One night she thought she'd join the fight

So she ran in the room and watched the sight

It got so bad her dad carried her away

He carried her to her grandparents and told her to stay

Later he came to take her home

And she felt like she was all alone

So she laid her head upon her bed

As she wondered what was to come ahead

She thought laying there the rest of the night would things ever be the same

She was only 6 how could she be the blame

Now she's 14 and each time she looks back

She remembers the times her mom had to pack

To got get help and leave her behind

She always wondered Will she get better this time

A mothers love has to be strong

But its hard on a child when her moms not at home

Will she get better?

We'll have to see

Thats why i choose to be drug-free

The little girl in the story is actually me...

The author's comments:
This is about my mom who was on drugs as I was growing up.I always love to put my feeling down on paper.

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