Her Name

August 9, 2011
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With sandy feet and shoes in hand, I started on my trek,
Up the wooden stairs, to the overhead observation deck.
Listening to the ocean, as I dragged my feet,
The crash of the waves after every retreat.

I took my favourite spot by the swaying palm trees,
And waited for the sun to plunge into the sea.
The tides swept in to wipe away anything that felt wrong,
And that was when the angel chose to start her song.

She sang of love and hope, some twenty something lines,
She held me in a trance with her melody divine.
Her back was turned to me as she faced the ocean shore,
I wondered why I hadn't noticed her standing there before.

The waves hushed down and the wind slowed to just a breeze,
The song birds joined along as they lined the branches of the trees.
Perhaps nature wanted to hear what she had to say,
Maybe this was an offering, the way she chose to pray.

Her petite figure was wrapped in a white summer dress,
Without a look, my little heart she'd managed to impress.
She sang and sang until she reached the ending pause,
I don't know why but I gave her the deserved round of applause.

She turned around, startled that she wasn't alone,
But she took a bow and thanked me in her sing-song tone.
She smiled at me and ran down the way I came,
She had truly made my day, but I didn't know her name. 

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