The Final CUt

August 9, 2011
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How could she be so cruel.
How could she be so cold.
She hurt him, She tore him apart.
She only wantedd vengeance.
She wanted to do to him
What he did to her.
He came, She sneered, He left.
He left broken
Broken as she had been
Victory was hers
Victory was finally hers
She got her vengeance and fulfilled her vendetta
She wantedd him to hurt and suffer
And she finally got what she wanted for once
But now what to do with her victory?
She she let it slowly fade away?
Was all the pain she caused him worth it in the end?
Now she has to think
So many thoughts to think
She'll think
She's thinking
She's thought.
So much victory now spilled to guilt
The pain is becoming unbearable
It's tearing her apart.
She ends up more broken than before
Knowing that she hurt him
Knowing that she broke him
The image of his face so full of hurt, so full of pain
It's burned in her memories
Every time she closes her eyes
She is reminded of what she did
Now tears start falling from her eyes
He won't know why she did it, or how she felt
He won't know, He'll never know
How regretful she is
How much agony she's feeling
Now she'll full of main and he's full of anger
Anger towards what she did
What she said
She'll Never be able to take it back
What she said
What she did
How she acted
That's what she does though
She hurts others
Hurts the ones she loves
The ones she cares about
Once again she screwed up
Screwed up so much
She wasn't the only one
He screwed up too
He hurt her first
He was the one who made her leave
He stopped loving, stopped caring
He didn't want her anymore
He didn't need her
She wonders why he hurts
She only gave him what he wantedd
He wantedd her gone, She left
He wantedd his freedom, she gave him it
She would give him whatever he wantedd
Or take away what he didn't
Even if that meant that she had to leave
Be careful what you wish for
Wishes can hurt yourself
Wishes can hurt the ones you love, or once loved
In the end
Two people who lives were once one
Who's hands once intertwined with one another
Two people go in and become on
En up as none
Now she is filled with regret and agony
And he is filled with anger and pain Now she is dying
Dying because she knows
She knows what she did
She knows it was wrong
She knows she can never take it back
Even though she would do anything to do so
Now she's up all night
Unable to sleep
Because it haunts her dreams
Unable to eat
Because of the gut wrenching pain
She can't stop thinking of how hurt he looked
Over and over the memory played
Even when she screams for it to stop
But it continues
Each time cutting her deeper and deeper inside
And every time she closes her eyes
The image of her face full of pain
With tears on the brims of his eyes
That memory is tearing her apart
Ripping her open
Each day
Each Hour
Each minute
It all feels like forever
A night doesn't go by that she doesn't cry herself to sleep
A day doesn't pass without her regretting what she did
She knows that this was the final cut
The deepest and most painful of all
Why was she so cruel
so cold
so blind

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