You Could Say

August 8, 2011
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I guess you could say my life sucks,
I get migraines almost 24/7,
I’m broke and jobless,
I’ve never lived outside of Illinois,
I’m 15 – being under the legal drinking age is always a downside,
I don’t think I have any real friends anymore,
My fashion sense sucks and I’m a girl,
I hurt others so no one discovers the real me,
I have to balance band with tennis and my honor classes so my GPA doesn’t suffer,
You could say my life sucks but I won’t,
I’ll look at the people suffering daily to worship whoever they want,
I’ll see the millions of people sitting on street corners begging for food because they don’t have any other way to feed their family,
I’ll look at my dad and all the other people that have to limit themselves because of past scares with cancer and heart health,
I’ll look at my friend’s brother Josh who died before he reached the 9th grade because of Brain Cancer.
You could say my life sucks, but I won’t,
I’ll look at the millions of people massacred daily because of things they can’t control,
I’ll look at the people that feel like there is nothing else for them in this world so they just end it all,
I’ll look at my little sister and the next generation and all that they’ll have taken away from them before they even know it exists,
You could say my life sucks but I won’t,
I’ll thank God everyday for letting me wake up and see another day,
I’ll live each day like it’s my last because for all I know it could be,
I won’t care what people say about my clothes because in twenty years at a high school reunion I’ll be doing something with my life and they may not be able to say the same thing back to me,
I’ll use my inhaler to breathe and not complain because It’s not an iron lung.
You know, you really couldn’t say my life sucks,
It’s perfect

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DesolateDoorknob said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Just for some constuctive criticism, have some variety when starting your lines.
Don't stop writing and keep posting


Amber72272 replied...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 5:39 am
Criticism is always welcome, thanks
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