My Sister

August 8, 2011
Things are so scary because they’re uncertain,
I wish my sister, would just stop hurting.

She has a disease, that seems to be winning,
Her head is so cloudy,
And her faith keeps thinning.

It’s hard to watch her eat,
Without using her hands,
And watching the doctors empty,
Those ensure cans.

She is depressed,
Deep down very sad,
Daily focusing,
On the past,

To when we lost, what most people still have.

We were really young,
It happened, several years ago
It was really hard being forced,
To let our mother go.

She thinks she could’ve saved her,
There’s no way she could of,
But now she feels guilty
Thinking she should’ve

Her disease was passed on,
Passed on to my sister
Now it’s got her trapped,
Like Dorothy in the twister.

She’s stuck in the cyclone,
Watching everything fly by
As we’re all watching her,
Pondering why?

Why does she do this?
Why can’t she stop?
Why can’t she see the beauty?
Given to her by God?

She is my twin
She is my sister
But he’s so caught up in that twister,
What if she leaves, all we could do is miss her.

I hope one day,
That she will wake up,
Eat breakfast,
And not want to throw up.

She’ll realize she’s beautiful,
And she’ll realize she’s strong,
She’ll realize she’s perfect
And there was never anything wrong.
by , Kaylee Lenners

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