August 8, 2011
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Make a mistake? Here try another
As you contemplate I’ll be burning rubber, skipping supper
Supposedly, purposefully
Hopelessly worn and see if I don’t pace from corner to corner
My footsteps emulating the zigzag pattern screened on to your low cut blouse

Emasculating the eye
To be fantastically blind, we’ll be fantastically fine
Disastrously inclined to remain restrained
Our train of thought, automatic, single track
As if laughing is merely crying on rewind
Fast-forward, free flowing imagery
No imaginary boundary can bound me against
Bearing a comrade compatible to handle this bumpy ****ing ride
I’m grumpy and ****ing tired
Of losing grip on the reins and on reality
Whip lashed and choked consciously
Constantly curious
As to your reasoning between the time I held you in my arms and our reaching of the roadblock
I said don’t stop, I’ll block
Any stone they can throw and any spell they can cast
I asked, if you believed in me
But when your feet grounded safely in front of the checkpoint, you’d made your choice
I lost my voice
Screaming after you, as if the words I said were as strong as my hands
I tried to hold you

You, you, you
Squeezed my fingertips tight and pushed away
Maintaining though, a meeting of eyes so saddening
This ignorance is maddening
I can stay awake but soon must sleep
I need to know, should I keep my bedside lamp glowing in defiance?
I can’t deny it, darkness I’m scared to try it
This light was a sign for you
But the monsters caught attention too, and they’ve been coming through
Are you coming through?
Because melee combat against inhuman entities is beginning to take a toll on my morale
Always in a battle stance
Spraying your name with rattle cans
I don’t mean to be treasonous but with no reasons to back
This bloody dance that has my mind in wraps
I can’t stand this devilish plan
Baby can you pretty please inform me on what to do with your side of the bed
And the best way to get your scent of skin
I’ve scrubbed my walls and inscribed with blood
Barriers that could offer protection against advances

If you find me, kiss me
On the lips until their blue tinge fades to a red just as vibrant
As your blushing cheeks every time I told you, Honey you’re delightful

Despite full intentions, intercepted was my perception
I’ve been sending out broadcasts regarding your whereabouts
And keeping my one window strictly open wide
Lest you pass through the night and wish not to awake me
Abate me, with superfluous speech
Pertaining to the pittance of your heart against mine
Against time, I’ve been blessed to forever pace myself
I’ve placed myself, in this purgatory betwixt knowing you and remembering you
Beneath forgetting you
I’ll dream of you.

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