you'll be alone

August 8, 2011
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I think of you
You pick me up
Then rip me down
Down down
Down down
I don't like to think
About our history
It breaks my heart
That we can't be
All because of your stupid friends
And the way they play
They don't think I'm right for you
So the teach you the wrong
But making me think you care
Then leaving me there
No where to go
All alone
Because of you believe
They know right from wrong
But when they get up
And walk away
You'll realize you need me
And wish you had stayed
There doingg the same thing
That you did to me
You really are gullible
To think they
Care they just wanna see you suffer
They really don't care
You could die for them
And they wouldn't tell a soul
Just laugh at you
And say he really thought we cared
How stupid of him
They won't claim your a hero
Just walk away
You do realize there using you
To get to me
You so called beat friend
Hit on me today
I looked him in the eye
And said sorry but I'm claimed
He chased after me
And yet again I turned around and whispered
Go away
He said I was playing hard to get
You meant nothing to me
But the truth is babe
You mean more to me then the water in the sea
But you'll never know because your to busy
Playing in there stupid game
You don't believe me when I tell you the truth
You say they care
When really they don't
They just want you to break my heart
So they can come to the rescue
And give me a place to put my love
But guess what I'm not giving up
I'll make you believe me
And then you'll see
But if you don't I won't be waiting
I'll be long gone
Living my life
With a guy who cares about me
No matter what
His friends will be cool
And care for me to
Good luck in the future
Because I know you'll realize
That you want me back
Because I cared
So you'll cry
No girl will want that
A guy who crystal because he broke a girls heart
And I won't keep it a secret don't you worry
You'll be known as the jerk
That broke a girls heart
For a bunch of losers
Who left him
Left him alone
In an empty field to take the blame
So sorry to hear your all alone
I'm doing fine with a child of my own
A husband who loves me
And a true best friend
A baby kitten
That looked like yours
But you'll never know how happy I am
Because you don't care
Or so you said.

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