To you...whoever you want to be

August 8, 2011
Your birthday may not be important to you
But as far as I can tell
Its the best day of the year
Its the day you came into the world

I don't know where you came from
But I thank God we met
Everyday since then
We have helped each other through life

Even when all the safeguards are up
You still know when somethings wrong
I don't think there is anyone
Who can read me as well as you can

After all the talks and all the memories
I'm left with just one thing
A heart beating rapidly
A plan beyond the usual

My day is filled with thoughts of you
You get me
I get you
We are different but compatible

I usually always tell you the truth
But this is strangely difficult
It doesn't roll off the tongue
Because I'm honestly scared of the response

I trust you with all I got
Its just this I have trouble with
When I think of you with someone else
I break down and hate myself

It might be scary
It might be hard
But its better than never knowing
So I guess I'll come out and say it

Your heart touches mine
Even when we aren't talking
I do my best to help keep the peace
Because you deserve a life of happiness

I'm willing to chase you until my heart gives out
You make me feel special
You have made life fun again
I guess what I'm asking
Is do you feel the same?

It is a scary thing
Admitting your feelings
Never knowing the answer
Praying for courage

But some are worth the risk
The reward is worth more than money or gold
The reward is their heart
You could win your world

To say that I like you Isn't worth much
To say I'm mediocre
And middle class at best
Hardly makes me a catch

But to know I'll stay until you say when
To know I'll be there to comfort you
To know I think about you everyday
To know when you hurt I feel the pain

To know that for me you're the fairest of all
To me you are perfect
Just as you are
These among others are what I have to offer

Whether its enough
Is for you to decide
Just know I'll be here
Waiting for your answer

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