August 8, 2011
My towers locked, there’s no way down
His beast inside’s come back around
I try to run away to find love and adventure
All that wrought was dishonor to my ancestors

I’m stuck in the house with a list of chores
An orphan after the brutal revolutionary wars
Poisoned apple sent me into my eternal sleep
I long for land but I’m drowning in the deep

No swords in stones to win me glory
No fairytales make up my story
The Shooting stars wan in the sky
No crystal tear drops will ever dry

No magic book with a simple spell
Will ever rescue me from my personal he-ll
Enchanted mirrors I wish I had
Or a knight to save me when my nights get bad

Dragon’s fire savaged the land
But I’m stuck in my tower without a plan
Wicked Witches can curse or hex me
Then maybe someone will set the prisoner free

I sing my song but no animals come to join in my sorrow
The sun goes down and there’s no assurance of a bright tomorrow
I’ll wear the crown with the broken jewels
But I’m no Princess, I’m no fool
To just sit here and wait for you

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