What you Call War

August 8, 2011
A place of resolution
A termination of hate
Through hate
An attempt to first carry guns and then to carry garlands

A place to establish greatness
A controlled occupancy of the world
To become the leading influence in every decision
Even at the cost of lost lives

A place to make money
Where all the treasure one ever desired
All lay in the fingertips of a man
All you have to do is pull the trigger

A place of religion
Where it accepts no others
To kill in the name of G-d
A G-d who represents peace

A place to get an education
To sign up with no other choice
With empty pockets and hands
Nowhere to turn except to kill

A place to die
To be buried underneath a ground of hate
Somewhere to die in fear even if you’re brave
Never to see the light of peace

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