this is what high school does to you

August 7, 2011
By MsTerry PLATINUM, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
MsTerry PLATINUM, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
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i hate to bring it all back to college, but

but him,
he's my reach, my goal, my Ivy League
I know that we'd be perfect for each other, if
he'd just give me a chance -
a place I would love to go to,
because I love the campus - the activities, the everything,
but everybody else in the world wants to go there too,
and I'm just pretty sure I'd be rejected if I tried.

he -
he's like my safety school, my community college
a place where i just know I'll be accepted,
if I choose to apply -
a place I don't really want to go to
unless I have to, because let's face it,

everybody wants to go to college.

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