Hide and Seek

August 7, 2011
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She'll hide her tears behind that picture-perfect mask of sunshine-smiles

and she'll dance like an angel and talk to you like she loves you the moment she sees you

and she'll meet a man who falls in love with her dainty peals of laughter

he calls her his princess.

but sometimes, when she closes her eyes and kisses him back as he clutches her body with dirty

gasping intents, she envies him because he can feel so much, and she feels like

a beautiful, colorful shell

empty on the inside; dirty and brown and gross.

She wants to scream and run away in her bare feet

and feel the mud splash up those pale legs

wants to sing off-key and snort when she laughs

and trip over dresses and she wants to cry,

she knows it's crazy, but she wants to cry.

She wants to meet a man who loves her for her

and not for that perfect facade she hides behind so skillfully;

but she blames herself, and yet that mask is glued too tight

and she smiles a little wider because that's all she can think of doing when her heart feels like it's about to break.

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