I Don't Care How

August 7, 2011
Why is the person who seems to care the most?
Is the one who probably shouldn’t care at all?
The one who used to be and still is your rock
Is the one who shouldn’t be more than a memory?
You said you were gone, but you haven’t left
Somehow you’re still there
The one who should have disappeared?
And somehow I am thankful
Though I should be disgusted
And honestly darling if you showed up at my door
And wanted to be my prince charming
Well I can guarantee I would be the happiest
The happiest girl in this town
And even if you didn’t I wouldn’t mind
I don’t want a prince I just want a you
And if you were to even bump into me
All I ask is for a hi and all I want is a hug
And you know. I don’t know how to deal with this
Because it’s still there, that feeling that everything’s right
And it’s been to long, and it should have clicked since then
But somehow you haven’t left, haven’t left that little place
That little place I carved into my heart, and I can say it’s a big chunk
And you are still there just relaxing in my heart
And sometimes I shed a tear, without even realizing I am sad
And I know it’s because my hand is not in yours
I know it sounds like I want a lot
And you know what I do want a lot; I want and wish for so much
But what I ask for isn’t to much is it
I don’t know.
I just know that I need you here and I don’t care how
I need you here in my life, I need my rock, I my need shelter
And again I don’t care how. As long as you are here in my heart.

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