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August 7, 2011
By -deedeshay BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
-deedeshay BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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he's sick & no one cares at all
they hate how he constantly calls
but just when he crys out in his sleep, no one bothers to wake from there sleep

he's tearing apart inside begging for someone to hear his cry's & rescue him from his fears
but noone bothers to come see what he wants....

He screams & yells they never move they just let him cry wolf until the sun rise, by then he's passed out & breathless yarning for cold water since its so hot!

GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS !!! THE VOICE PLAYS IN THERE PATHATIC HEADS! all they can do is dance to there r&b music
they find ammusment from useless texts
they spend hours on the phone but can never go see what he wants when he calls

Until the day that death awakes him in his sleep! he will one day rest in peace, from the horrible sickness that he onced bared
they will sobb & drown themselves in there own tears! his death was there only fear! they call his name like he called there's
only he dosent have a choice he cannot answer them when they call
he can;t answer them at all ,
there guilty conscious bruttly beats them in there sleep
there cold heart is frozen they can hear it as it cracks
there completly an emotinal wreck

this would be an emotional summer for them all
when all they had to do was just come when he called ''

The author's comments:
- This piece is about whats going on in my life today, with my sick grandfather, sometimes i get so fed up with him how we calls all day in the wee hours in the morning for help. but one thing i fear is his death....

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