Fake Guy

August 7, 2011
you look over at me like im some prize to be won somthin that you always needed
well let me get this straight you wanna breakk my heart like in some fantasy game
well ill play your game and i hope you die some day
cause baby sweet fake guy ill steal your heart tonight
ill play with it and no you wont know sh**
cause youll think im perfect like im your whole world and you just wait and see cause baby sweet fake guy in my eyes your just a toy to be thrown away so baby sweet fake guy ill treat you like youve treated girls in this world and you feel it know that pain in your chest well thats called love and truth be told i feeel it too so baby sweet fake guy are you truelly my true guy but i havent realized it tell the end.well goodbye goodbye sweet fake guy ive hurt you inofff. you dont want me to leave but i push you away this is a problem for another day for another sweet faaaakkkee guuuyyy.

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