Back And Forth

August 7, 2011
Harmonious warmth seeping about,
Open air, tranquility, the sun peeking out,
Timeless hours spent outside, serenity.

All this yearning for the endless days-
Not yet deserved, Mother Nature taunts us
Dreary and wet, droplets of hazardous chemicals pour.

Chills creep like chiggers through my skin
Omniscient weather ruling in tyranny,
Lingering snowflakes swim amongst their kin,
Dabbling with the seasons, rather than transforming.

Dawn erupting foggy, thick air surrounds-
All this yearning for the summer days,
Yet within this desire, fear sets in, an eternal summer,
Slyly tricking the human race, Neverland at last.

Seasons seem stuck, unable to change,
Under Mother Nature’s we will suffer
Cautious and careful never to judge again,
Kindly accepting the air, temperature and weather.

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