Theme for Honors English 10

June 8, 2011
By Bao-ngoc Nguyen BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
Bao-ngoc Nguyen BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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The instructor said,
Go home and write
A page tonight.
And let the page come out of you-
Then, it will be true.

Hearing that, I began to wonder
How I’ll be able to write that.
I am 15, until late October,
Until 7 days before Halloween.
Planted and sprouted in America,
But tracing back to the Far East.

I sat there, in the classroom, inside Foster.
Which resides in Tukwila.
From the school, to the back near the church,
Down the hill and through the woods.
Down the hill and across the bridge,
Past the community center,
And onto 44th St.

Up the drive way, up the stairs.
Through the living room and hallway.
I set my bag down,
And sat in the same place.
Taking my things out, I began to write,
Three steps ahead.

What is true?
If asking, “What is true?”, then might as well ask,
“What is false?”

What’s true to me is that
I like listening to music, singing, and being happy.
What’s false to me is that
I like it when people are mad at me,
Being isolated, and being blind.
The fact that the false statement is false,
Is true.
That’s what is true to me.

Sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer.
I have my answers and you have your own.
When shared, it can alter yours, mine,
His, or her answers.
That is how he, she, you, and I grow.

Gradually changing, and gradually altering.
Through communication, experiences, and sharing.
That is how we grow.
Writing my page for Honors English 10,
That is how I grow.

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