It's not really my day, but ill make it my lifetime

June 8, 2011
By inkiedink BRONZE, Sewell, New Jersey
inkiedink BRONZE, Sewell, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"dont stay quiet, the world gave you a voice, so speak. Dont stand still, the world gave you a body, so run. Dont be one of the crowd, the world gave you a mind, so think." - Me

The sun will rise and strings of songbirds will chorus from the forests,
It shines on the sparkling dew of the grass calling for all happy souls to embrace on its passionate fields,
And as the clock’s hands strike twelve the ball of dreams blazes high in the sky above all of his believers,
We dance beneath the heat and warmth with no worries on our mind,
But time will pass us, the clouds will join and fade,
The sun will slip below the towering peaks of no return, chilling winds will tackle through us
Haunting darkness creeps through the parks and takes away the things that make us live,
No moon, no stars, no light in the vast sheet of night,
We cry and cower in the branches we have secured ourselves in,
Some fall to the Midnight Sea never to be seen again,
But those who stick through the unforeseen tortures look to the sky,
The tantalizing calls of the stars and galaxies pour hope into our souls,
We march hand in hand to the dreams of another day.

The author's comments:
took a while to learn that no matter how bad a time can be the sun will come up eventually

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