Romantic Broken Glass

June 8, 2011
By inkiedink BRONZE, Sewell, New Jersey
inkiedink BRONZE, Sewell, New Jersey
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A shine of hope, a spark of interest,
Glimmering in the sunlight of our generation,
We follow it so sheepishly yet awed when betrayal lays itself at our feet,
Awakened at the thought of you,
Put to death by the likes of you,
Time after time, girl after girl, boy after boy we succumb to you grasp,
Feeling so loved in the short sweetness of your arms till we fade to dust and be swept into plaguing winds,
Warmed by thoughts of it, chilled by memories,
Some bring smiles others hold sadness,
When I think of you, I think of all the time I’ve spent on you,
All the tears I’ve cried for you,
Then I remember that you don’t even care so why should I?
Yet slowly they stream from the crevice of amber eyes.
A heart of glass was made for you,
Hold it and watch it reflect the rays of passion I only hold for you,
I watch you let it slip through your fingers, as if you will shortly find a new one to break,
Exploding in a grenade of painful shards slicing the feelings of anyone, who chooses to touch,
But I can’t pick up all the pieces of this puzzle alone,
So I look to the sky for a sign of the angel that will hopefully come to me,
But alas, until then I probe with bleeding fingers at the mess that I had once beautifully held together for you.

The author's comments:
every one has to feel their heartbreak at least once...

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