love for you only

June 8, 2011
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In the dark night I sit and wait for you. I am sad for your love. On day I will show my love to you. Until then I will still love you, I hope you understand my pain that I am going through; I wait and wait for you. Until then I will be as sad as a bird in a cage. I hope you understand me, don’t you. I will always wait for you, one day I will cry for you because no one can survive without love from you.
You might be taken I don’t care I will always love you. Hope one day you will understand why I still love you. You are kind, loving, sweet, trustworthy and hopeful. But why do you do this to me, Am I different from others? Why do you still not love me? Is it because I am too nice or too mean, what do you hate about me.
But still I will always love you. No matter what you say to me, I will always love you. You are the main person in my life. I don’t care what your friends say; I will always love you and only you. Without you, I can’t live. Why won’t you just love me back? Is it because of patience or someone else? Who cares what they think.
Just chose if you want me or not. If not I will try to forget you and throw you out of my life forever. I might not be able to but I will try. So, now it is your chose to love me or not. Don’t worry, I will try to understand your chose, but it will be hard. But I will soon forgive you if you say no to me.
I hope one day I will show you how I feel. You will see what a jerk you really are to me. I knew from day one I could not stop loving you but what can I do I have feeling for you but I am trying to put them a side, but it is really hard. I can’t just forget you; I will need a way to do so. One day I hope you will understand what love really is and what a broken heart is.
Because of you I have a broken heart. My friends are telling me something is wrong that I missed someone else, but what could I say I will never stop loving you.

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