I’ll never forget the Black Death

June 8, 2011
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I’ll never forget the Black Death.
It came from a germ which, lived on that fleas.
Each second passes through everyone’s breath.
The fleas! The fleas!
As the rats begin to die, the fleas begin to feed on humans
Everyone’s blood is, affected by the disease.
Oh please! Oh please!

I’ll never forget how the plague spread.
The Black Death is an infectious disease.
All around, it quickly fled.
These fleas carried bacteria and traveled in the rat’s fur.
When fleas drink the human’s and the rat’s blood they transfer the disease.
There weren’t any doctors or any cures.
The fleas were the cause of the disease.

I’ll never forget the symptoms that people had to suffer.
Nobody knew what the plague was, therefor they weren’t sure.
People suffered from painful swellings.
Popping the wound caused bleedings.
A wound which first turned red then turned black.
It rises and rises like an air sack.
People had high fever and delirium.
Bleeding in the lungs of a victim.
The vomiting, and mental disorientation.
Muscular pains begin to num.
The intense desire to sleep.
Victims would die quickly.
Each second from one to another dominated by the flea.
The economy falls and the population is sore.
After contracting the disease we would live for a couple of days.
People will never live out of this maze.
It took years till the disease passed through Rome, Milano, and most of Europe.

I’ll never forget how Art, Music, and Culture changed.
People began to see the depression surrounding them.
The humans suffering, and their carnage.
The horrific pain inside them.

I’ll never forget the Black Death.
The plague was like the appearance of the small pox.
These diseases can rapidly spread like a flock of birds.
Everyone lived in terror.
Worried of becoming the Black Death’s victim.
The Black Death was like a curse.
The treatments were not helpful, it would only make it worse.
Stopping the cure in your body.
There were other remedies but they never worked.
The plague killed at least 50% of Europe’s population.
The Black Plague was a very serious condition.
Each day and every second, people prayed that the Black Death were over and done.
The smell of clear air.
A rise of a new population.
It rises and rises like an air sack
I’ll never forget the sick and the dead.
I’ll never forget the Black Death.

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