episode 1

June 8, 2011
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The direction I was seeking always been lost

by the habit of my caring, do to rejection of love.

for feeling alive, to feel totured in seconds is your conclusion of heartache as much as you fake the feeling,

I despise getting lost in your eyes to every once in a while you tell me you love me.

I lived to dream, perhaps always behaving in ways people wont often understand.

I cried out before and yelled out from my lungs that you dont get me, No one does.

Where I raise my hand for you to see because Im volunteering for your attention.

Please forgive me,

I couldnt handle what came across me.

Here I quiver and shake, to want to know how I can replace the feeling I poured so pure.

it shocks me, Like lightening;

sparkling fireworks;

and that night I kissed you passionately I never wanted it to have an ending

Once you left I knew you wouldnt come back to say, all the things you filled my head with.

Lost in the temple of your mind, I would do anything to just hear your voice.

Ive told before, afterwards.

As I stay awake to watch you close your eyes.

never felt so alive, dying to sleep but the cure is you.

the thought that pulls me back, that pushes me aside.

Crawling or taunting my hopeless breath i breathe outloud and suck it back.

so I wont wake you from your dreams.

Ill be anything,

where life jumps to conclusions.

where you find every solution possible.

I yarn to write these stories,

baby, please never leave me.

My mind of structure where today is tomorrow

escapes my cage of literature;

expectations never seem to let me down, Im always creating ways to show you.

dressing my imagination into something fancy, impressing you.

You have your anger ways.

the way you show no love and affection

but, theres no one Id rather spend it with.

enforces me,

built me to the towers.

and doomed me to the walls,

explores me to find myself, and i shall always be at home.

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