Tears that she cries

June 8, 2011
She cries
Not tears of joy but tears of pain
He left her
All alone
With no one to help her on
Her heart is broken
Shattered on the floor
Of the corner she cries in
She doesn't know where to go
Shes lost
In an ocean of pain,sorrow,
And agonizing discomfort
The truth has come to surface
It has risen out of the deep dark waters
True love is not so true anymore
Who would be so unkind as to rip her apart
The storm grows stronger and stronger
AS she builds strength to build herself up
A peek of sunlight breaks through the thick clouds
And Yet after all
There is still hope
Hope that he will come back
Don't give up
Try try and try again
Now she cries
Not tears of pain or joy
but tears of pure determination

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