How come

June 9, 2011
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Every time we connect eyes I see into your soul
I see something pure and amazing
With others I see all there flaws
I see nothing good

Does this only happen to me
Is it good or bad
Does it mean I should only be with you
Confusion takes over my body

Every time I kiss you I forget everything
I feel like nothing matters when I'm away from you
You make me believe in everything I couldn't before
When I am with you I can feel happiness

Why do you make me go crazy
Because your love is something I have never felt
Yet I still think of all the pain you could cause
I know you will never hurt me

I just can't breath when I am with you
It feels like the world is fading
Like I'm going to lose grip of everything
But I know you'll be my safety net to fall on

I never thought I would be able to bring you in
Yet your furthest anyone has gotten
Every time we talk I let you come in more and more
My wall starts to crumble more and more

I made you lose so much,
Am I worth it
The pain, suffering, the ridiculed
You say I am

I built a wall to keep everyone out
Yet you have found you way inside my maze
Every time I try and cut you off
You step though and keep going

I tell you my past trying to let you in
Most people are repulsed by it
Yet you don't judge you just move forward
I feel like you love me more

When all I can do is cry you make me laugh
Your cheesier than the Tillamook cheese factory
You have tan lines that look like black and white
I love it

Even when I'm making funny faces
Or being a total spazz
You just laugh with me
Not at me

Even when I hit you or am mean
You take it
You give me my time to say sorry
When everyone else just pushes away

I always feel as if I could just jump out a window
And someone would catch me
No one every did
You have picked me back up

I tried so hard to make my self not love you
So i wouldn't get hurt anymore
But everything you do and say makes me love you more
More than the hole world can understand

Every time I do something stupid
You let it go
No one ever let it be so I got hurt
Why can't you hurt me

How come
I love you this much?

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