In the End

June 8, 2011
By Elijah Perrenoud SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
Elijah Perrenoud SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Farewell to thee, my truest love;
fare-thee-well, sweet angel come down from above.
Were the time different, mayhap we could have been
but no; we’re fighting a battle we cannot win.
I shall answer the call - that of Heaven’s horn -
that is why I bid you ado - do not be forlorn.
With humble heart I loose grip and leave all behind.
I want to enjoy what I see , when we open scrolls and rewind.
In wedding feast we sing and we dance,
and ignore the fate that has forbade us romance.
But the doors come crashing down and bullets pour like hail
those that are left are beaten and thrown in jail.
Death awaits me, and we shall not meet again.
I pray in our humble hall with what is left of my kith and ken.
I write to you because my path is ending at my feet.
I stand upon the edge, the darkness about to meet.
Joy to the world, and joy to you, daughter of none.
Pray for mine foes, as I stare down the barrel of a gun.
So sounds a resound boom and gunshots roar
I drop to the ground and bleed out to the floor.
I am but a smear on the wall, another body on the pile,
but I won’t be forgotten - not for a good, long while.
We shall not see each other again, you and I,
but I am glad we were able to talk - one more time, before I die.
So as my vision fades, and my lifeblood flows out
I am suddenly comforted, without the shadow of a doubt,
that my decision was right, when I made the choice,
to never give my inner feelings an outer voice.
So fare-thee-well, my love, safe travels to you.
May we meet again when all things are made new.

The author's comments:
I'm a spiritual fellow myself and I am always being urged to follow the Bible's council to "keep seeking first the kingdom," but sometimes it is hard, especially when "seeking first the kingdom" will mean that you will have to give up a possible future spouse. That is the boat I was in, and eventually the matter was taken out of my hands anyways. I have decided to "seek first the kingdom," and so I thought that I would write this piece to give voice to what I see in my future, given the sorry state of the world.

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