I Am Not

June 8, 2011
By , Springfield, PA
I am not a poet
I am not a thinker either
I only wish to live a life
and get a job as neither

I am not your little girl
I am not your daughter
I only wish to live without love
come hell or high water

I am not your puppet
I am not made with strings
I only wish to live free
open wide and spread my wings

I am not attractive
I am not atrocious
I only wish to live with pride
attacked I am ferocious

I am not a swimmer
I was not made with fins
I only wish to live on land
feel good in my skins

I am not a hero
I can not fight your crimes
I only wish be noticed
from time to time

I am not a fighter
I can not partake in a brawl
I only wish to get by soundly
in it for the long haul

I am not who you think I am
I am not what you see
I purely wish to live my life
only ever being me

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