The Whole Time

June 19, 2011
He likes red Gatorade
and the word candelabras.
He memorized my Internet password
because he just felt the need to.
The drawers in his room are all labeled,
and he finds it necessary to alphabetize his novels.
He does all his own laundry
and washes his own dishes.
I never did ask why.
He wears a red sweatshirt everyday
and claims its his favorite.
He gets in fights a lot with boys from school,
and even though these fights have never been witnessed
he comes to school with bloody knees and bruises.
If I put lots of makeup and say I look pretty,
He replies that I was beautiful the whole time.
He says he was born from nature,
from mountains and rocks and streams.
And to here is where he has returned.
I suppose he likes the feeling of rope,
because that is how he said good bye.
But he was beautiful the whole time.

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