13 Weeks

June 8, 2011
By ahayden12 BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
ahayden12 BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
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13 weeks without my girl
13 weeks away from home
That’s 3 months without my family
For 3 months I’m on my own

90 days of training
90 days of perspiration
That’s 13 weeks of pain
13 weeks of dedication

3 months without my love
3 months so far away
She’ll send me 90 letters
She’ll send me one for every day

But when my 13 weeks are over
I’ll stand so proud and straight
They’ll place the globe into my hands
My prize is worth the wait

After 90 days of waiting
After 13 weeks of strife
3 months was all it took
To become a marine for life

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