Friend in Old Times

June 8, 2011
By , Tempe, AZ
Once I was your friend,

at least from your perspective.

One who gave you solace,

in your times of need.

You trusted me as I trust you,

with even your deepest, darkest secrets.

How this hurts, I cannot say for the words to describe it don't yet exist.

I hate this feeling, feeling like I hurt you.

Some friend I must be?

I hope once more, you will talk to me.

Even if not like old.

For you mean to me, so very much still.

I really do not know...

I love you still with all my heart, as it lay there dying.

Dying from your lost friendship...

Withering without your words.

Still I yearn,

for what you might say because with you,

a part of me went.

I write to you,

in the hopes you might see,

just how much I really do love you.

With all my heart,

even lay it withering,

I still can say I'd die for you...

Be friends,

or enemies,

my shoulder lay here for the day you may need it once more.

'til the end o' time,

when life is no more,

still it shall lay there for ye.

Pained as I am,

abandon you I can't,

how stupid can I be?

You know my number,

you know how to reach me,

for now I shall bid farewell.

In earnest I wait,

for the day you might write,

returning to us what we once had.

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