August 15, 2011
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There's secrets to tell
But will all fail
What i am they don't know
Are they really that slow
Lies told to shield me My friends don't know the real me
The real me deep inside Hiding from the outside
Like a closet
Its doors shut
Nothings there
But there's just enough
light shines though
But it stays dark
Hiding from tender hearts
I just cant reach it
My heart split open
In to two
Uneven ragged edges
That could cut you
Ragged edges so sharp so steep
When it cuts ,it cuts deep

I would do it again till no end
But i have to stay strong
But not for long
they will understand
wont they
The pain that made me this way
The choice cuts deep
Like the edges that cut me
The edges red with blood
It keeps dripping
All over me

The people i love cry today
Watching me fade away
My love for then is true forever
The things they said are washed
Down the drain they swirl
But just like drains
They rust away
The pains of yesterday eat me away

I would never lead to this
Its too much a risk
So i lay there my tears shed
But its no time for good byes
I go under its no wonder
I'm here today, I'm okay
Thanks to you I'm here forever
You are my friend
Thanks to you my life is true
And no longer waisted

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