behind closed doors..

August 15, 2011
behind every door

a soul hides
behind every door

a soul cries
behind all four walls

and one door

i die a little inside

i cry my tear ducts dry

but most of all

i hide

behind a broken smile

a broken door
i know im not alone

i know its not only me

because if it was

i would die
i have died

i have risen

and each time is a reminder
of why i live

why you live

why we live

why we survive

why we want to survive
it is so easy to forget

and walk away

behind a closed door
but in every room

a window comes

giving us a breath of fresh air

a way out

but at some has to shut
the way truly out

the one we forget to see

the one that is there forever

only the brave take that chance

open the door

leaving it open forever

and walk out
us others

not as brave

but just as strong


for that one person

to turn the door handle

finding us

helping us up

reminding us we can be saved

we will be saved

we are worth it

we are worth loving

all the trouble

all the pain
so now

every time i cry



stare at the door

waiting for the turn

of that handle

that haunts me oh so much
in front of my door

hope lies

seeping in through the key hole

and the door frame

shinning bright

giving me love like the angels give

holding onto me

pulling me

to open my closed door

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