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August 15, 2011
By For.you.a.thousand.times.over BRONZE, Palm Beach, Florida
For.you.a.thousand.times.over BRONZE, Palm Beach, Florida
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"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are truly good at heart."- Anne Frank

The silent town begins to wake, as the sun breaks free towards the sky,
The snow falls lightly; its soft flakes blanket the town in white.
As the still trees rustle, a flock of geese take flight and utter a cry,
In the woods, the leafless, lifeless trees stand as the only thing in sight.
In the town, the hustle and bustle of a winter morning has just begun.
The smoke from chimneys begins to rise above the town,
Shopkeepers open their doors, the children play, eager for winter fun.
Off in the distance, the jingle of sleigh bells is the only sound.
The vast green meadows are now blanketed with white.
The springtime flowers lie hidden beneath the snow,
The chirping birds have flown away; they will return, the townspeople know.
Even though the long year draws to an end,
When the snow melts, life will begin again!

The author's comments:
This is just a little poem I wrote about my favorite season..I really enjoy using imagery in my writing and I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated =)

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