For Emery, what I wish I said

August 2, 2011
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It takes a life to learn to live
And it’s easy to get sick of it
Easy to shout and scream and cry
Easy to say you want to die
To give up at the hardest point
And tell the world you’re done with it
But before you use the blade, the gun,
Drink that poison, fix a noose to be hung,
Listen to the words I’m speaking
Take note of the tears now leaking
I’ve been where you are
Saying your last goodbye
Stop what you’re doing
Look yourself in the eyes
Now take a turn
Take a breath
Are they really worth the end of it?
The sunrays that wake you from your sleep
The waves always lapping at the beach
The life that lies ahead of you
The soul mate out there searching for you
Life has its obstacles,
Day has its night
Roses have thorns
And wrongs have their rights
But without one, the other would fail
And with the right attitude, good will prevail
So look inside
Look around
And on your trip in meet yourself coming out
Don’t let them take
The life that you’ve won
Don’t throw the game
On merely round one
Smile and remember
It happened for a reason
Don’t show them they got to you
With their lies and their treason
This is your life
Don’t watch it fly past
With each breath you take,
Someone takes their last
So please, dear
Stay strong
’Cause they’d kill to see you fall

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IamtheshyStargirl said...
Aug. 16, 2011 at 10:10 pm
Beautiful poem, the story behind it is heartbreaking, I wish with you that you may some day do what you could not, and perhaps you will do it with this poem.
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