The Maze

August 2, 2011
By Tjt564 BRONZE, Llyold Harbor, New York
Tjt564 BRONZE, Llyold Harbor, New York
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You may feel trapped in a maze.
With someones gaze looking through the haze.
Always watching, never blinking.
Eyes unopened, mind unthinking.
Like your feet are tied and your arms are bound.
Try to run, try to hide, but you can never get out of the maze's eyes.
The end may seem distant, to far to reach.
But once you get through, you will feel the breeze.
The breeze of freedom, the breeze of life, the breeze that comforts you at night.
You may feel tired, you may feel bound, but there is always a middle ground.
For you, for me, for everyone that dares to dream.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my English Class in 8th grade. We had to listen to How The Caged Bird Sings and write a poem.

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