The spider and the fly

August 2, 2011
By hectic.harmony BRONZE, Lemoore, California
hectic.harmony BRONZE, Lemoore, California
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a fly trapped helplessly

in the poisonous spiders web of lies,

lies told to protect her, but from what?

from herself? from others?

The problem is the spider doesn't think rationally

only about its victim, its prey, its kill.

She only ever wanted to eat the fly,

to bundle her up in the web of hurt that she caused

till the fly had no way out, no options.

she weaves her web specifically for her victim

she does it knowingly, calmly, joyfully, fully aware of what shes doing

and the spider catches the fly

the plan along.

but she doesn't eat the fly like she should, no.

no instead she burdens the fly with a fate much more painful

the spider kills the helpless fly slowly, oh so very slowly

she watches the fly suffer, while entangled in lies, pain, hurt, manipulation,

all of which the spider caused, purposely.

she sits back and watches the fly struggle, screaming, crying,

and so she lies again, making the web even harder for the fly to get out of.

the fly breaks down, crumbles, gives up, because whats the point?

a creature, with a short and such pointless life being bullied by a spider.

and the spider knows its victim, inside and out.

she knows she's weak, and that she wont be able to get out,

that's why the spider chose her, this specific fly.

and the spider tries to silence the screams, with lies she calls apologies

but even as she sits here telling the fly how sorry she is,

how she understands the hurt she's caused, and didn't mean to do it,

she still doesn't free the fly. She doesn't help her out of her entangled mess,

she just sits back expecting the fly to fix it,

but the fly knows better, for shes been trapped before,

and shes knows how to be set free, she knows what she has to do,

a task that hurts her more every time,

she has to forgive the spider,

but even if she forgave the spider,

her bully, her fear, her weakness,

the spider would still eat the fly,

she would wait patiently for it to get caught in her sticky web of lies again.

wait for the perfect moment to cause her more pain,

and every time, the fly would only get more entangled, tighter and tighter,

until not even forgiveness was an option,

the fly would sit there, waiting for someone to hear her silent screams

and only then, when she was broken to the point of no return will the spider put her out of her misery,

and eat her.

All the fly ever wanted was the truth,

the truth could have broken the web.

selflessness, for if the spider honestly knew the hurt she caused

she wouldn't continue to do it.

but its the cycle of life,

she will always be the spider,

waiting in the corners for her victim

She's supposed to eat the fly, its what she's there for

to hurt the fly, and cause the fly unbearable pain.

she will always be a bully, a manipulator,

she will always know what she did,

because she will always and forever be left unforgiven.

and i will always be the fly.

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