August 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I walk past by you
And yet see no reaction
It’s almost as if I’m invisible
Or may be its just the way you want it to be
I long to see your face
And yet never have the courage to meet you
I fear that the words in my heart will remain unspoken
But there isn’t much I can do
Everytime I open my mouth
Something within me pulls me back
May be because its too late
Or may be it is just never supposed to happen
You are unlike the person I always imagined
Yet everytime I fall for you
You always say the wrong things at wrong time
But to me it seems in perfect harmony
May be it’s the twinkle in your eye
Or may be it your smirky smile
Its sumthing abt you
Or just the sight of me and you

one thought scares me all the time
what if I screw this one time
what if all of this is just a dream
what if you and I were never meant to be
no matter how hard I try
you are never out of my mind
it takes just one memory
to filll my mind with thoughts of you
it’s useless to think about it now
cuz you are with some one else
but sumhow that doesn’t stop me
from writing all this
the moments we spend together
always remain in my heart
and everytime I’m low
they seem to bring a smile on my face
I know I have written all of this
Yet I m not sure of my feelings
Your feeling I’ll never noe
As they always remained a stranger to me
How can I say anything
Before you say something to me
But everytime you said something
It just never felt real to me
You never liked anything I did
Our choices never seemed to match
But there is something between us
That definitely exists
Whatever it is , I guess, we’ll never know

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